8 Most Durable Skating Shoes

What’s the worst that could happen to a skater?

When their skating shoes get ruined before they have unleashed their full potential in action.

A pair of shoes and a skateboard are one inseparable family.

And the more you use them, the closer you become a part of the family.

So it’s a serious matter when you embark on searching for the most durable skating shoes.

Let’s face the truth – your skating shoes are exposed to abuse anytime you are on the road.

It’s either the laces that will get torn or the soles getting shredded.

An ideal pair of skating shoes should not only serve you for the longest time but also bring with it comfort and stability.

At the same time, they should be sleek and presentable.

We have scoured the net to search for shoes that might meet all your needs.

These are shoes that will bring back your A-game and quench your thirst for skating.

While some will require that you dig deeper into your pockets, the amazing features you get in return are worth the top-dollar.

But before we get to the real thing, it’s vital that we start with the most basic fundamentals.

What Makes a Durable Skating Shoe?

Skaters are looking for the overall functionality of shoes.

Skateboarding shoes are not the regular sneakers you wear when going for a weekend escapade.

However, you get the best of both worlds with a few shoes we will look at.

They are multi-functional, hence can be used for different occasions.

When you start hunting, make sure that your eyes are sharp to capture shoes with these traits.

· Durability

When a severe skater begins to search for skate shoes,

they will consider those with a low profile heel, more cushioning, and a robust support system.

All these are vital in some way, but durability brings the trophy home.

They must be rough and tough to keep up with the “danger” it is exposed to every day.

 The outsole, midsole, and upper sole work together to distribute the force equally and avoid wear in one part.

 For these to work perfectly, the materials play a more significant role.

This brings to the second point.

· The Right Material

Companies are testing different materials to figure out which is the toughest. Why so?

Superior construction makes shoes long-lasting, provides a better feel, make the shoes lighter, and even dictates the price.

Most manufacturers have opted to canvas and suede materials because they are more durable than leather.

The only con with canvas is that it tears easily than suede.

But if you are looking for comfort and flexibility, you can give it a shot.

For a little more rigidity, leather is your only option. You have probably worn leather shoes before, right?

If so, you noted that they are of high quality and stay durable for demanding work.

Do you know what this means if you get skating shoes made of 100% genuine leather? You’re right. It will serve you for the longest time possible.

· Type of Sole Construction

Skating shoes are mainly divided into two construction types.

I. Vulcanized Soles

These type of shoes consist of 2 separate soles tapped around the shoes.

They start to fall off after extensive use.

The good thing is that these shoes are very light and slimmer, which gives you more feel when boarding.

II. Cupsoles

Such shoes have an intricate and sturdy sole construction that lasts longer than vulcanized soles.

The main idea behind this construction was to prevent your heel from getting hurt, an ordeal that skaters face.

You know this sucks. That’s why the soles have three multiple layers to reduce the pain.

Although this makes them appear big and more cumbersome than their counterparts.

So let’s cut to the chase and get down to the real thing already.

Here is our best pick for the most durable skating shoes.

1. Adidas Busenitz Pro

Adidas is an iconic leader in producing shoes in different makes.

In skateboarding, Busenitz pro is soaring their flag high.

The shoe was named after pro skater Dennis Busenitz who is well known for his terrain skating.

 They also have a touch of the Copa Mundia football boots.

Traction is vital in skating. You need traction on both your wheels and on the shoes.

Regarding this, the Adidas Busenitz offers a rugged suede upper side that resists the fierce street competition and master speed skating.

The durability on the top side resembles the soles.

These features make the shoes to be one of the longest-lasting skating shoes.

It has excellent padding for the top of the foot and ankle.

If there’s something that you fear, it’s getting an injury on these areas. They need absolute protection.

The long tongue does just that and protects your ankles when doing those dangerous heelflips.

2. Vans Sk8-Hi Unisex Durable Skate Shoes

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You will have made the best decision to purchase these shoes.

The comfort, fashion, and design are just incredible.

They are made with 100% canvas which is a very light material.

You already know the disadvantage of cruising around with heavy shoes.

You will get them in a variety of colours with classic look design.

Though leather is the most hardened material for making shoes, you can’t compare it with canvas when it comes to durability.

Not to mention that it’s very soft and more comfortable.

It has benefited from a lot of stitching to hold them together, which makes it last for 5-6 months for a frequent and intense skater.

You will also love the fact that this stitching brings a new design feature.

The rubber sole is a robust impact resistant that makes you a better skater.

It holds firmly to the board to avoid falling.

You can push and gain speed safely while sharpening your landing skills.

They are comfortable, and you will have a great time with them.

3. Globe Fusion Skate Shoes

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First things first, do you love speed, but safe speed? Globe fusions shoes are your go-to shoes.

These shoes have been known for being very durable and sturdy.  Thanks to the solid synthetic nubuck.

You will agree that most skating shoes are not cheap.

And if you want skating shoes that will last long, that’s a call to dig deeper into your pockets.

Globe fusion is a bit expensive, but the comfort and excellent construction rhyme with the price.

They are huge like tanks to give you stability and balance on the boards

From my side, I think a shoe with an S-track tread pattern for high flexibility, heel stabilizers for shock absorption, and classic model need not be cheap.

After all, it’s what skaters are looking for. You will pay more, but it will serve you better.

Skaters use these shoes for months before they see the first hint of wear.

When buying them, look for a size that’s one size bigger than your feet.

The padding is the biggest con of the shoe.

4. Reynolds G6 Skate Shoe

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Reynolds skate shoes is a shoe line of Emerica, one of the biggest shoe manufacturers for skating.

They have been there for a decade and skaters over the globe are adding them in their shoe collection.  

Reynolds G6 is the latest design of the family and has brought with it top-notch technical design to handle today’s skateboarding.  

At first glance, you will notice a slight resemblance to the Reynold 2 and 6, which are its most significant competitors from the same family.

Reynolds 2 and 6 were bulky and ended in the early 2000s.

The sole construction is capsule which gives top cushioning a top priority.

The midsole is made of polyurethane to help the shoe mold better to the actual sole during manufacturing.

This increases the cushioning effect that protects you from hard impacts.

Those that have used them before say that the board feel is compromised.

The manufacturers have over-focused on cushioning that results in this problem.

To make up for this, the toes lack a bit of cushioning.

Still, the Reynolds G6 is very comfortable skating shoes.

They have put padding on the right places, which increased its stability.

The area of the sole is wide to increase stability and make it easier to balance when skateboarding.

5. DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoe

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DC makes pretty awesome shoes. And they have not disappointed with Graffik SE shoes.

The design of these shoes is just out of this world.

It shows that they took a good time to research and develop shoes that are ready for the market.

Some skaters love the simplicity, and it’s what these shoes try to meet.

There’s a variety of colours, but everybody loves the black and white colour.

They are available in different sizes to make sure that everyone gets a fitting size.

They are well-cushioned, and you will feel the warmth inside.

This makes you well-supported and avoids any chance of “friction” that cause blisters when boarding.

Imagine a shoe without air holes. Imagine the sweat and the awful smell when you take them off.

Sometimes you may not have foot fungus, but it’s how the shoes are stuffed with no space for breathing.

If you have faced this ordeal, Graffik SE shoes have a way out.  

It has small vent holes which wick away awful moisture out and allows clean air in.

Though the design might not be the best, the traction is just amazing. You know how this important.

6. Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneakers

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Has it been a while before using your skateboard?

Vans Men’s low top sneakers are ready to welcome you back in the game.

These shoes are simple but have a touch of class and style.

 They are more of skating shoes; you can use them for any occasion with any outfit.

The versatility gives it a ticket to the best skating shoes group.

The gum rubber offers excellent grip and prevents you from getting hurt on high impact.

The low-top style makes it very stylish, and your feet feel at home when worn due to the soft canva material.

And of course, it has the classic waffle sole that acts as “glue” to the board.

If you check carefully, you will notice that there is stitching at the back, which is an extra reinforcing.

This is an added strength that enables you to skate in “dangerous” areas.

7. Etnies Marana Vulc Skate Shoe

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Etnies Marana first came into the market in 2013.

Since then, they have a favourite to many skaters, one of them being Chris Jonlin.

If you do a lot of technical skating, vulcanized (hope you still remember what this means) shoes are the best as they provide a better board feel.

When it comes to durability, the shoes have used an accessible shoe technology with rubber coating around the toe cap.

The sidewalls are very tough; you can be assured that it will last long.

The cushioning is made up of a slim sole and a foam insole constructed with an STI evolution.

This is a very light material that provides perfect cushioning without interfering with the board feel.

The obvious weak point is the mesh material that surrounds the heel. It’s not tough and will get torn quickly.

8. Fallen Men’s Slash Skateboard Shoe

These shoes are crafted with 100% genuine suede.

They are, therefore, very breathable which lengthens their lifespan.

That’s the biggest advantage of suede shoes. The toes are seamless without weak points.

The ollies which have a track record of wearing out quickly have extra stitching.

You will also love the fact that the sole is abrasion-resistant.

The insole is improving cushioning and hugs your heels with a thick material.

They come in three colours; blue, red and grey with a simple touch of elegance.

You can wear them on different occasions.

If you are going to work this weekend, why not wear them and show your colleagues your prowess on board.

You might get a raise, you never know.

Wrap Up

You know what you want. It is precisely the most durable skating shoes that will serve you better.

Good thing you already have eight pairs you can choose.

Every journey begins with a single step, and your first one is already complete.

Just know that an ideal skating shoe should have excellent grip, comfort and protection.

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