How to do a skateboard Ollie

Ollie is the main skateboarding trick that is why most people want to learn how to do it.

The Ollie trick consists of making a jump by raising the board so that it remains stuck to the skater’s feet.

The creator of this trick was Allan Ollie Gelfand, with which he adopted his name.

with this trick he managed to revolutionize this sport, also with this technique he achieved a trick possible anywhere, both on the street and in skatepark.

In fact, Ollie has become the most used and popular trick for tricks among skateboarders, combining it with a wide variety of very different tricks.

This is why we are dedicating this article to teaching how to do a skateboard Ollie

What skate to use to make an Ollie?

Ollie uses a skate for freestyle or street style.

Leave the longboards aside, because you are going to need a short board and hard wheels to resist your jumps.

If you wonder about the exact hardness of the wheels, this depends on each skater, with experience you will have your preferences on wheels, axles, boards, …

How to do a skateboard Ollie: Basics

To get a good skateboard Ollie you should place the front foot in the middle of the skate, and the rear one in the back.

The further back you get the higher it will be, it would be advisable to leave half a foot on the edge and half a foot out of the board, but always maintaining good stability.

When this is stabilized, the body should be lowered to get more momentum and make a blow (the stronger the blow, the higher the jump will be) with the rear foot on the tail (rear).

Immediately after performing this action you should scratch the Sand with the front foot (sideways) forward to stabilize the skate in the air.

Later when the skate is stabilized in the air you should put both feet in the normal way and fall in a natural position.

It is recommended to fall with your knees slightly bent to cushion

How to do a skateboard Ollie: attaining maximum height

Ollie is surely the most basic skateboard trick . From it countless other movements are born.

We will show you how to achieve greater height in your ollies.

1. Before you consider doing a high ollie, you must master the basic ollie technique.

2. After all, the ollie is about jumping. Therefore, one of the most immediate ways to achieve greater height is to increase your jumping power.

Here are two easy exercises to strengthen your legs:

  1. To jump more, you must train your legs. Stand on your tiptoe and go down almost touching the ground. Do it for 1 – 2 minutes with at least 50 repetitions.

b) The second exercise is to develop your quads.

To do this, support your back completely against the wall, with your knees at a 90 ° angle, you should stay in a posture similar to sitting but without a seat.

Stay in that situation for at least 1 minute. Increase the time of each exercise as it costs you less effort.

3. You should slightly delay your front foot until it is between the middle of the skateboard and the front screws.

And print more power with your rear foot on the tail of the board.

To properly iron the board, you will need to speed up the slide of your front foot towards the nose of the skate, until it is located just before starting the front lift.

4. To achieve greater height, you should try to jump in such a way that your knees almost touch your chest. You can flap your arms to get an extra boost.

5. One of the problems that we encountered when we started trying to jump higher, is that we did not move both feet and this was holding up the board.

Therefore, it is vitally important to lift your feet well, while keeping your shoulders straight and your body centered on the board.

6. Put more speed to skate. When we are at rest, our ollies are lower, because we are supporting our full weight on the same point on the ground.

When we do a dynamic ollie, the speed makes the board take off more easily and we reach a greater height.

7. Practice jumping small obstacles, because it will motivate you more when you see a fixed object to overcome, than to practice without any specific reference.

Start by placing a shoe box or some flimsy object that you can fall into without too much trouble.

You can gradually increase the height of the obstacles, as you jump higher.

8. If your board is not in the best condition, consider purchasing a new one.

A new griptape allows you better grip and your feet can suck the board better in the ollie.

  • Practice leads to perfection. Rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse until you come out without thinking about the movements.

To start learning how to do a skateboard Ollie, the most normal thing is to try it on a place with smooth ground and being still, a tip is to hold on to a metal bar or a pole to get better stability.

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