List of Skateboard Tricks for Beginners

Are you looking for new challenges?

If you have already managed to keep your balance on your board, it is time to learn your first stunts.

Today’s post contains a list of skateboard tricks for beginners and a little instruction on how to perform them.


Ollie is the first skate trick to be learned at a basic level.

The objective is to perform a jump while the board is glued to our feet.

The front foot should be in the middle of the table and the rear one a little more behind.

Keep in mind that the closer you are to the back the more force the jump will have.

Then squat down for momentum and kick your foot to the back of the board.

Right after, stabilize yourself in the air with the help of your front foot and bend your knees to better cushion the fall.

It is recommended to practice your first Ollies standing on a smooth surface.

You can also use a pole, bar, or other types of handle to make your task easier.

Once you’ve mastered it, you can use this trick to jump over obstacles or climb to high places.

Frontside Ollie

The Frontside Ollie is an Ollie with a 180 degree turn back.

To do this trick you must already have some fluency with skate and a good Ollie.

This trick is perfect for doing it on ramps or jumping obstacles.

Backside Ollie

Backside Ollie is the opposite of Frontside Ollie and is somewhat more complicated than FS Ollie because it is easier to lose balance.

Switch Ollie

For this trick, you have to have mastered how to maintain enough balance, but it is only a matter of practice.

It consists of doing an Ollie in the opposite position to which you get on the skate.


The Nollie is a Fakie Ollie Switch.

Between the Nollie and the Switch Ollie, I can’t tell you which one is easier since there are people who find one more difficult than the other.

Do not hesitate to try it because it is easy. It is a matter of time and practice.

Flip and Heelflip

We place the feet in the same posture as the Ollie, but the forwards must be close to the screws.

Flip and Heelflip are very similar tricks, the only thing that changes is the direction of rotation of the board .

Therefore, in the first case, the toes are slightly facing outward. And in the second they look at the nose.

The jump is performed backward or diagonally, depending on whether we want to execute a Flip or Heelflip.

You should avoid acquiring too much height, so it is recommended to drop your leg early and land on the board.

This is the main difference with the Ollie.

Instead of using the foot to stabilize ourselves in the air, we use it to rotate the board.

Varial Flip

The Varial Flip consists of the union of a Kickflip and a Pop Shove It. This trick is easier than it seems.

Once you have mastered the Kickflip and the Backside Pop Shove do not hesitate to try the Varial Flip.

Varial Heelflip

The Varial Heelflip consists of the union of a Heelflip and a Frontside Pop Shove It.

It seems difficult, but once you try, you will realize that the turns are very easy.


The Boneless is an old school street skate trick .

It consists of taking the board with your hand, putting one foot on it to push yourself upwards and placing both feet before falling to the ground.

Although not too difficult, it is recommended that you have learned the Ollie and the Flip before doing so.

Place your front foot as if you were doing a Flip and your rear as if it were an Ollie.

Take the board by placing your hand just behind the front axles.

Now move your front foot out and jump with the board using your hand to maintain stability .

Reposition your front foot on the board when it’s level in the air, and bend your knees to gain balance and cushion the fall.

Be careful with this trick. Because if you fail and support all your weight on the axes you may break the board.


This skateboard trick is very simple and is based on lifting the front wheels and continuing to roll with the rear wheels.

If we do just the opposite, we would be facing a variant known as Nose Manual.

Place your rear foot on the back of the board and use the front foot to gain momentum.

The Manual is to be executed on the move. Stay balanced and shift the weight to your rear foot as you lean forward.

The first few times you will end up on the ground, but with a little practice, you will soon be rolling on two wheels for several seconds.

Holding on as long as you want is somewhat more complicated.

We must adjust our weight and incline as we fall forward or back.

The secret is not to overcompensate for movements.

Do you know what is the easiest way to learn these tricks?

You just have to see some videos of skaters practicing them, so you can visualize how they are done and you will be more aware of the movements you have to do.

Pick one or more from this list of skateboard tricks for beginners and have fun.

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