8 Best Skateboard Wheels

It can be overwhelming as you begin to shop for the right skateboard wheels.

The good thing is that one can get them through an online platform or at a skate shop.

Skateboard wheels will feature in different colors and shapes.

You should not drown into confusion and settle for a well-marketed lemon.

The purpose of this write-up is to guide you to the end until you make the right decision about your favorite choice.

So, what are the skateboard wheels anyway?

Indeed, they are part of your skateboard that enables the user to move.

Furthermore, they will highly determine the distance that you will cover.

You need to have the correct details before you buy a product that will suit your preference and style.

If you are a skateboard enthusiast, you will, of course, need proper wheels that will enhance your skateboarding experience.

Here, in this piece, we will be unveiling different products for you.

Follow us keenly as we reveal some of the fundamental tips that you need to know.

Well, your shopping will be a walk in the park as you arm yourself with the correct facts.

At this point, we can dig a little deeper.


What should you look for when buying the best skateboard wheels?

It is in the limelight that modern designs of the skateboard wheels come from polyurethane materials.

You should avoid running for a particular product before exhausting some specific checks that we are about to discuss.

Many fall victim of regrets when they make haste decisions while shopping for the correct skateboard wheels.

We are a proud to be carriers of the right information for you.

Here are some of the elements that you should gauge with the ideal product to determine its functionality:

· Diameter

The diameter of the skateboard wheel should ring first in your mind.

We measure the diameter in millimeters, and the standard range lies between 50 and 70mm.

Here is the secret: A wheel with a smaller diameter will result in a slower ride and vice versa.

The diameter of the wheel determines the speed of the skateboard.

Still, it will dictate how sharp your skateboard will turn.

The smallest skateboard wheels range from 50-5mm in diameter. It can be a perfect option for beginners.

Intermediate skaters may use a medium diameter that lies between 54 and 59 mm.

 For a professional rider, you can comfortably use a wheel diameter of 60mm and above.

· Durometer

Durometer is simply that aspect that defines the hardness of the wheels.

When your wheel has the highest number of durometers, it will become harder. The best durometer is usually at 99a.

However, multiple manufacturers use various measures in determining the quality of the wheel durometer.

The high-quality wheels are usually wide with accurate hardness range.

It is on the record that a hard wheel rides at a higher speed.

On the other hand, a softer wheel happens to be slower but will give you more grip.

The softer ones are suitable for street skating. 

They will offer you an exciting experience as you rider on smoother terrains.

Some models are specifically for particular uses.

· Shape

The shape is a vital factor when choosing the right skateboard wheels.

You can settle for sharp-lip shape if you love carving and cruising.

Still, there is a round-lip shape that is more practical to the rides who love surf slides.  

The round-lip profile is useful in giving the user the best finish.

It is a dependable shape that is suitable for someone who wants to learn power slide.


1. Ricta, Clouds 78a

To start as off is Ricta that offers fast wheels, which are super bouncy.

These wheels happen to be a popular choice for many since they will roll smoothly even on roughest terrains.

Interestingly, these new shaped wheels are lightweight. 

The product is perfect for the skaters who love to cruise around the town.

The user may require maximum grip, especially on sharp turns.

On the same note, you should be in a position to perform crazy skateboard stunts. 

One of the most notable con about this Ricta skateboard wheel is that many find it to be costly.

On a brighter side, the product manifests in several colors to suit your preferences.

Moreover, the durometer and diameter range will suit different skaters. 

Most importantly, the diameter will range from 52mm to 60 mm.

However, you will not worry about the quality of this skateboard wheel since it will serve you for a longer duration.

The manufacturer will give you a guarantee against any production defects. 

2. Pro Skateboard Wheels (White)

One will easily identify these skateboard wheels due to their shining white color.

The packages involve four sets that are suitable for beginner riders.

Most importantly, these wheels come in the diameter range of 53 mm and 54 mm. 

Pro Skateboards will give you an exceptional performance of the road.

Since they are incredibly durable, you will have a guarantee that they will serve you extensively.

Another exciting feature about the pro-Skateboard wheels is that they are reasonably affordable. 

Notably, the only downside about this product is that it is are not suitable for crazy stunts and tricks.

The user can still involve them in handling the power slides. As a result, they will quickly wear and chip.

As if that is not enough, the Pro Skateboards have featured a durometer of 101a.

Such a design will make them fast and gripper. You can use them on different surfaces comfortably. 

3. Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Cruising

If you have an excellent taste for a large diameter race wheel, then you can put this product into your consideration.

The wheel comes in a perfect dimension of 56mm wide and 88mm tall.

You are sure to get the best grip as you roll on any terrain.

You will not slip out of the lane since these wheels use urethane.

The massive diameter will give you a great advantage since you will enjoy a balance of traction and extra speed.

The cantilevered outer lips will perfectly hug the road tightly and prevent you from losing balance.  

Meanwhile, they have a shorter inner lip featuring a shorter inward level, which makes them perfect for cool drifts and race traction.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the valley shaped cross-section.

Its primary role is to provide better acceleration, crisp slides, and momentum.

4. Spitfire Formula 4 101d Classic 53mm White W Red

The product has a classic design featuring a range of cool colors.

You can use these wheels in almost every situation.

Since the surface is smooth, you will encounter reduced surface friction when compared to the threaded option. 

The most excellent catch about these wheels is that they use formula four urethane.

They are, therefore, reliable as you will enjoy unmatched abrasion resistance.

The wheels also have reduced flat sports.

The cool thing about the wheel is in the provision of the right grip whenever you speed up.

The design makes the wheels to have a slim riding surface.

Similarly, the manufacturer made them for optimal speed and maximum control. 

Overall, the product comes with pocket-friendly prices.

The quality of these skating wheels makes them worthy the cent.

5. Spitfire Bighead 52mm

When you purchase the Spitfire Bighead wheels, you should expect nothing less than exceptional performance.

The product comes in perfects designs featuring seven beautiful colors.

This American made product comes with a guarantee as it will address any manufacturing defects.

Remarkably, this option may not favor pro players who will need extra traction.

On the other hand, it is suitable for newbies as well as moderately skilled riders.

The comprehensive wheel profile makes it great for different surfaces.  

The Spitfire Bighead wheels use a 99a durometer for you to encounter excellent traction and maximum grip.

Such an arrangement gives it an edge when you want to achieve maximum speed.

The durometer profile makes these wheels to be ideal for parks, pools, and street.

The durable design is a guarantee of long service.

The wheels are fast and will hug the ground firmly without slipping.


6. Shark Wheel California Roll

Shark wheel California happens to be an advanced modification to the classic longboard.

Your orientation is in the round-shaped wheels, right?

In this case, they are smartly engineered square-shaped wheels. 

The wheels come to a perfect diameter of 60mm hence suitable for pro players.

The wheel is three times faster than other conventional wheels. 

Additionally, these squared wheels will give you more grip.

Furthermore, these Shark Wheel California roll will provide excellent traction and sliding control.

You will can perfectly use them in rain and gravel conditions. 

With the durometer of 78a, you have a guarantee that they will not wear or tear easily.

The only con about them is the high pricing. You will get excellent service as you use this product. 

7. Santa Cruz Skateboards Slime Balls Neon Green

Santa Cruz is a product that uses urethane formula, warpaint graphic, and original mold.

They have a unique formula that will improve the overall performance.

The skater will not lose speed during the exercise.

With a durometer of 97a, you will still get awesome service.

Precisely, what defines these wheels is good traction, amazing speed, and grip as you roll over the terrain. 

The wheels have a smoother surface to allow easier sliding whenever you perform crazy skateboard stunts.

The wheels come in a bright Neon color that will glow while you skate in the dark. 

8. Everland 65x51mm

Everland produces unique kind of skateboard wheels that feature a sleek design.

They come in attractive color designs. With a diameter of 51mm, they are sturdy enough to handle cornering and flips.

Everland is a suitable product for frequent skaters.

The set of four wheels comes from high-end polyurethane materials that are guarantee good grip.

The used materials have good shock absorption with an increased lifespan.

The skateboard wheels can be a perfect fit for you if you are a beginner or an intermediate.

The product is durable; therefore, you are sure of using it extensively.

However, the wheels have wired chemicals that produce bad odor.

The features that this skateboard wheels have makes the product overly functional.

You will have a better riding experience as you put it to use.

In Conclusion

Skateboarding can be interesting if you get the right wheels for the same purpose.

You, therefore, need to do extensive research before you get the right wheel for your riding.

The products as listed above will still offer you proper riding experience.

You can decide to confine your options to the products on our list and find fulfillment.

You will enjoy excellent traction and grip on your surfaces.

Plus, you will have a pleasant riding experience.

Fear not, decide now and enhance your skating experience.

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