7 Best Skateboard trucks

Without a good truck, your skateboard won’t serve you better.

A truck is what brings your skateboard to life.

It’s mounted on the underside of the board and keeps the bearings and wheels attached to the deck.

The truck determines your cruising speed and makes it stable to get a good ride.

Since this is a vital part of a skateboard, not just any type you come across Amazon is good to go.

You need to take time to research depending on your needs, more so if you are making a DIY skateboard.

We will start from a common ground to know what really is a skateboard truck and why it’s vital in keeping you in action.

Later, we shall look at seven of the best skateboard trucks and why they are on top of others in the market.

Parts of a skateboard Truck

· Axle

This is the continuous bar of steel or titanium that extends past the hanger.

The wheels are mounted on the parts which extend outside the hanger.

In many cases, after extended use, the thread of the axle may get worn out.

You use an axle rethreader to bring it back in shape.

The wheels are mounted to the axle using axle nuts.

· Kingpin

The kingpin is a screw that connects the hanger to the base and holds the overall skate parts together.

Today, it’s common to come across hollow kingpins, which have become a favorite to many skateboarders because they weigh less.

However, there’s been a concern for low durability, which results in breakages.

However, the bottom line is that any kingpin, regardless of the size, can break in the long run.

It all depends on how you do your tricks.

· Bushing

These are soft urethane rings that control the turning behavior.

They are placed on the kingpin between the hanger and base plate and available in various degrees of hardness.

It’s ideal to go for the hardest ones as they can guarantee you long-term service.

· Hanger

A hanger is the largest part of the skateboard that is next to the base plate.

In the top section, it is connected to the base plate using bushing and the kingpin.

The bottom part of the hanger is called the pivot, which is held by the cup of the base.

· Washer

Washers are the metal discs you see below the bushing.

Their function is to return the back to the initial position after turning.

This means that they also help distribute pressure equally across the whole deck.

Although some skateboard trucks are already mounted with plastic discs that perform the same function, they are not as effective.

There are many parts we have not included in this list.

However, these are what we will be checking on in our reviews.  

They are the most delicate parts of a skateboard truck and significantly control your purchase decision.

Here are our best 8 Skateboard trucks in the market today.

1. INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks 

Most reviewers uphold this skateboard truck as the best overall among its peers.

There is some truth to this. Why? It is a very simple truck, not flashy, and also does not cost the top dollar.

These are what many skateboarders are looking for.

Something that offers excellent service and does not dig into their pockets.

The truck is made of pure silver with a metallic finish, which does not rust unless you expose it to very reactive agents.

Its turning ability is just top-notch, not to mention that they are stable to withstand heavy skaters.

A common mistake that skaters make is purchasing a truck that is not compatible with their skateboard.

So make sure that your skateboard has a width of between 7 and 8 inches to be able to use this truck.

Lastly, it features a durable but light aluminum baseplate and hanger.

Besides, you get a fully functional grade 8 kingpin that performs its functions as required.


  • Comes with two sets
  • It’s extensive which fits most of the boards
  • It’s are strong and durable


  • It does not have hardware that attaches it to the deck.
  • Produces some noise when you start using it. The sound fades as you continue using it.
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2. BEAR Grizzly Skateboard Trucks

Bear Grizzly has built itself a name when it comes to durability and long service.

Thanks to the unique casting formula using the most reliable aluminum available.

What’s more? It’s manufactured in versions with different price options.

You can choose a version according to the depths of your pocket.

The feature differences in the hierarchy are small, but it’s such small differences that make a more significant impact.  

The truck features a 181 mm axle to ensure smooth riding from newbie skaters to masters in action.

The axles are perfect if you are riding downhill or doing freestyles.

The base-plate in this truck is a bit different from others.

The manufacturer tried to use less weight, which adds to the whole truck

But it’s still sturdy enough and can withstand massive impacts while performing your killer stunts.


  • The truck is available in numerous color choices
  • The baseplate can be adjusted to a specific angle
  • It is the best option for downhill skating and freestyles
  • It’s cheap


  • You cannot replace the kingpin
  • The painting wears out quickly
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3. Cal 7 180mm Trucks with Wheels, Bearings, Hardware

Do you need longboard cruising using a premium package, this is your ideal truck?

The truck has been used for decades by various skaters.  

With the progressive experience in the industry, the manufacturer has got the secret of creating a product that blends well with every generation.

It comes with the most critical components, like bearings, riser pads, and wheels.

All you need is just a good deck that rhymes with the quality of the truck and you are good to go.

On a closer look, you will notice that this is a truck of solid construction with high-quality hardware.

By this, we are talking about tough grade 8 axles, which offers a secure ride.

Not to forget the lightweight but durable tucks.

The baseplate is made of quality material that is ready for high performance.

Luckily, this makes it perfect for a wide range of skateboards.


  • Best for longboards
  • The durable materials make it last for long
  • The bearings offer smooth spins


  • The bushing combo is not sturdy

4. Gullwing Sidewinder II Skateboard Trucks 

If you don’t feel the pinch of spending a lot of money on trucks, you should consider Gullwing Sidewinders trucks.

But they are not expensive for no good reason.

A truck is measured by how it behaves in a sharp spin.

A good truck should respond smoothly without you hearing a cranking noise.

Gullwing Sidewinder is good at speed as expected.

Of course, this is attributed to the kingpin and bushing that allows the axle to spin at high speeds.

You can adjust the truck anytime to lose or tighten it.

This will enable you to get the right feel on the board.

Just make sure that you adjust correctly to prevent the whole system from crumbling down.

Other truck designs are limited when it comes to steering.

The main problem is always a hitch in the kingpin set up.

Only a few manufactures have realized this problem.

Gullwing has kept this in mind, and you can generate more speed by pumping yourself forward.


  • The design is good-looking
  • It’s a well-built structure that offers excellent sustainability
  • You can adjust it easily
  • You can make a smooth turn


  • Not ideal for beginners because they are not good in balance

5. Thunder Polished Team Skateboard Trucks

Thunder polished skateboard truck has consistently been making skaters happy because of the quality.

It’s an awesomely cheap product that is built to last.

It’s perfect for all types of skateboarders but preferred by students who want something to quench their skateboarding thirst.

You can also gift it to your kid as it fits them perfectly.

The first catch that will make you fall in love with the item is the high-quality design and robust construction.

It’s very light, hinting that it can withstand those quick reactions.

Although it’s not that durable, it is sturdy enough to support heavy weight.


  • Light in weight
  • Polished which makes the appearance shiny
  • A good performing truck


  • Not durable
  • Very affordable
  • It is made with the same material, which is not that bad.

6. Destructo D1 Black Mid Trucks

Talk of simplicity with a sleek design, that’s Destructo D1 skateboard truck.

They are low-level trucks, hence are stable and perfect for beginner riders.

It features an 8.0” axle, 5.25 hanger width, and weighs around 1.6 lbs.

A package also comes with speed washers and axle nuts.

The axles are thermo-hardened for more stability.

They are, therefore, perfect for the streets with their robust features.

They make a super easy turn and boats of super formula pivots and bushings.


  • Best for people that have problems with balancing
  • You get a lifetime guarantee


  • They are very heavy

7. LiteZpeed Skateboard Trucks

This skateboard truck comes in handy if what you are using now is broken.

The fact that its fit boards that need a quick fix do not mean that it’s of low-quality.

The reason is that it’s cheap and is easily mounted to continue enjoying your skateboarding.

It features a very heavy and durable hanger, which is made of aluminum.

Thanks to the solid urethane bushings, you should not be worried about snapping the kingpin or bending the axle.

This is also attributed to the high quality of the material.

The truck is only compatible with a longboard ranging between 7-8 inches.

But you can also give it a try with shorter decks.

We haven’t heard anyone complain that it has not served them effectively.

The good thing is that when you buy one package, you get four polyurethane skateboard wheels that are ideal if you love master speed skating in the streets.


  • It’s made of aluminum which does not rust
  • Fits a variety of famous boards
  • High-quality hardware and materials


  • Since it’s for a quick fix, it does not serve for the longest time when compared to other trucks in the same price range.


Let’s call it a wrap! The guide is very long, but I hope you’ve got all the information you needed to spearhead your hunting.

One more thing, we have not touched on how you should choose a skateboard truck.

Just quickly, consider the materials, which include steel, aluminum, and titanium.

The right material should meet your level of riding.

Also take into account the strength and durability of all the parts of the truck.

That’s enough for today. We hope you have enjoyed this guide.

Let us know in the comment section if you have a question or a compliment.

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