The Best Scooter Tricks: All you need to know

The scooter has become a new mode of transport, especially in the main cities. Foldable and easy to transport, it is the perfect option to move kilometers and kilometers. However, frequent use of the scooter requires a little practice before trying any scooter tricks.

Tips for riding with electric skateboards

The proliferation of this means of transport raises concerns for pedestrians and also for drivers themselves. For this reason, here are some recommendations for driving electric scooters responsibly:

  • Safety: The use of a helmet is not a mandatory requirement when you are riding an electric scooter, but it is recommended. Like the use of knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, and other protections.
  • Ride on known roads whenever possible: Riding on a known route reduces the chance of a fall or unforeseen events.
  • Control the speed: The speed varies according to the city but we recommend that you adapt it to your experience and situations, setting the limit at 30 km / h, as required by regulations.
  • Review of the scooter: It is essential to be careful with the vehicle. The brakes, wheels or lights are also very important and their good condition will improve driving.
  • Avoid going on the sidewalk: There are cities that have not yet regulated its use, but those that have, normally prohibit the use of the sidewalk for scooters. A good option that we recommend is to go along the bike path, and the road being the last resort.
  • Distractions are prohibited: As in any other vehicle, the use of headphones, mobiles or not having both hands on the handlebar is totally prohibited.

The best freestyle scooters tricks

Now to the main order of the day: the best scooter tricks. When you acquire some skill with your Freestyle Scooter , it is time to start learning and practicing some tricks. We know that you will progress with a scooter suitable for all ages.

Freestyle scooters offer more excitement if you can beat yourself by learning a few tricks and new moves. Of course, we remind you that you should always use a good protective equipment with the knee pads, elbow pads and the helmet.

Trick 1: 180 degrees.

To rotate with this movement, you must lean on one leg that will be the base and with the other, you push yourself up and to the opposite side. You can learn it from right to left and vice versa.

Trick 2: The wip.

Jump and turn! You push yourself up by holding the handlebar tight. With one foot, you hit the base of the scooter sideways so that it makes a complete turn quickly, until you fall back onto it. Remember that both movements must be synchronized.

Trick 3: 360 degrees.

It looks like the wip but in this case it is your body that turns. It can be helpful to take advantage of the centrifugal force of a fast curve that turns to the side you want to turn. You must jump and rotate 360 degrees around the handlebar.

Trick 4: The barspin.

This trick requires a little more practice and skill to avoid taking a hit. We recommend that you do a jump with the scooter and while in the air, turn completely. To do it more quickly, hold the handlebar by placing both hands close to the center. It will give you a chance to spin it faster.

Trick 5: The Harley.

A pirouette that allows you to sit on the scooter ? Pick up speed, raise the handlebar as high as possible, and place both feet very close to your base. Sit in the back keeping your hands on the handlebars. When the speed decreases, you can get up.

Trick 6: The manual.

A very colorful and original trick. You must support the weight on the rear wheel of the freestyle scooter without pressing the brake. To complete it, lift the front wheel up as you push with the other leg.

We can only advise you to practice this scooter tricks with the Micro scooters in a progressive way. You can move ahead to more complicated ones when you already have mastery over the simplest ones. And remember, use the accessories and protections for your greater safety.

What to know before buying a scooter

To make a good purchase and choose an electric scooter that fits 100% what you are looking for and need, you should pay attention to the following. These are the tips we give you to get it right:

  • Battery: One of the most important points to keep in mind is the battery. In the market, we find mainly lithium and gel. Which to choose? Depends on usage. It is always better that you have good battery capacity and power. In that case of moving around the city, the lithium battery works well, because it is small in size and stores energy.
  • Weight: watch out for weight too. It is another fundamental factor when choosing the scooter especially if you plan on doing the scooter trick we talked about. The ideal is to opt for a light and easy to fold, so you can easily carry it up the stairs or by other means of transport without having a bad time. That does not exceed 27 kg, at least.
  • Battery charging time: This feature is not so important if you leave it charging every night since it really does not matter if it takes a little more or less. It all depends on whether this is your case. Better is a quality battery, regardless of charging time.
  • Speed: The maximum speed you can reach is also another factor to consider. Because as you know, they offer different options in this regard. However, to comply with the regulations you must take into account that they cannot exceed 30 km/hour. Still, we recommend a power between 1500W to 2000W.
  • Opinions : taking into account the fame of a specific electric scooter and the opinions of other users before going through the box, is also essential. It is not a purchase made every day and you should consider what people think of one model and another.

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