8 Best Metal BMX Pegs

Are you new in the BMX world?

Are you looking for a BMX peg to blast off your stunts?

Or do you just want to become better in action?

If you said yes to all these questions, then you need one of the best BMX pegs that will open up a new realm of tricks.

BMX pegs allow you to perform the intricate stunts like front wheelies, flatland maneuvers, and peg grinds with ease.

Now, there has been a huge war between metal pegs and plastic pegs for some time.

Mat Hoffman would prefer plastic pegs while Ryan Nyquist would go with steel pegs.

Their differences makeit hard to decide because they are the best BMX riders that ever lived.

In such a situation, where do you stand?

Here’s the thing, both pegs have their cons and pros, and determining the better one will be an uphill battle.

Today, we won’t go into aduel between the two giants.

We will only focus on the best metal BMX pegs and maybe look on plastic pegs in another review some other time. Is this okay?

Since most riders want what will make them better in the tracks, we reviewed metal pegs that are light, durable, sturdy, and grinds smoothly.

In this regard, these are the best metal pegs we found worthy of appearing in this review.

1.  Novatec Steel Pegs for 3/8 inch axles

NovatecSteel peg is robust and extends your bike performance, but does not extend deeper into your pockets.

There is no reason for depriving it of the coveted first position.

Just by the first glance, you will notice this is a very sturdy and heavy-duty peg.

It’s3/8-inchand can withstand a rider weighing up to 200 pounds and above.

You need not worry that they would snap off.

Talking of security and stability, the body is covered with a textured grip that will ensure your shoes do not slide off when riding.

The installation processis not hard either; you will be up and running in a few minutes. They automatically change the appearance of your ride. They look coolon the ride and will make you cooler if you perform those tricks like a pro.


Odyssey MPEG cr-mo axle Pegs BLACK OR CHROME - Planet BMX

Odyssey is not a new name if you’ve bought BMX bike parts before. It’s a big brand that has hit the jackpot in continuously producing the best products in the cycling industry.

After reviewing several of their products, we have noticed that ODYSSEY does not joke when it comes to making robust and well-built products.

This is the first thing you will notice with MPEG axle pegs. Besides, they are very lightweight, coming at only 1.13 lbs, which is lightest in this review. You understand that a heavy BMX does more harm than good.

The peg has a very thin diameter which makes it easy to perform your finisher tricks.

The product is indestructible too, thanks to the durable steel that can withstand “scourging” from course rails.

They are made in black color which looks great with a kink matte black.

So if you are looking for something you can trust without scouring the net for reviews, ODYSSEY MPEG is your guy.

3.  25NINE BMX Bike Pegs 

25NINE BMX Bike Pegs - Aluminum Core with PC Outer Sleeve - Blue ...

Talk of sleek design with simplicity and you will be describing 25NINE BMX bike pegs to its entirety.

Thanks to the 100% aluminum and a polycarbonate material as the outer layer.

There is no doubt this bad boy is the perfect peddle if you want to show off your sleek BMX bike accompanied by amazing stunts to your boys.

The polycarbonate layer is not only for beauty, though.

This is a tough material that makes the peg strong, durable, and stable for high street performance.

You will not have to worry that the whole thing will snap off in the middle of the action.

The pegs are also lighter than most of the counterparts with dimensions of 109 mm by 40mm.  

The size is large enough to hold your shoes.

Just make sure that you use the right shoes with rubber soles for perfect traction.

If there is one thing that a rider hates is when their pegs become loose after several spins.

This does not only put them in danger of getting hurt but also puts their performance in jeopardy.

To ensures this ordeal never happens, the pegs come with anti-rotation pins to keep youriding without having to adjust the pegs now and then.

4.  Protective Technologies Mongoose Freestyle Bike Pegs

Amazon.com : Protective Technologies Mongoose Bike Pegs : Sports ...

The brains behind Mongoose freestyle bike pegs are protective technologies.

Although they mainly manufacture security systems and gadgets, they decided to give bike pegs a shot, and they have not disappointed.

Thanks to the advanced style and intricate materials that have brought competition for the pegs to a new level.

Now riders can decide without fearing that they have been duped.

These folks know what is in the heart of a BMX rider.

In this regard, they made Mongoose freestyle bike pegs with a pretty distinctive design with an ultra-smooth surface.

Don’t think the smooth surface will make your shoes slide off.

It has an additional ribbing that creates powerful traction.

The steel body is refined by chrome for longevity. Rust cannot attack this material, and it can withstand beatings when throwing your bike in a BMX course.

They are very shiny, attractive, and you will love your BMX experience with them. Try them today.

5.  Black Ops Steel Pegs

Amazon.com : Black Ops GL BMX Pegs, 40 x 100 3/8-14mm, Black ...

Are you looking for an affordable BMX peg that fits an average rider like you? Then Black Ops would be yourperfect match.

They are ideal for an intermediate rider because of the large diameter, which increases the surface area for contact with shoes.

You know that the most significant obstacle for beginners is balancing. The wider area does just that.

Black Ops are well-constructed, with a sturdy body, thanks tothe grooved and knurled beautiful body.

The steel keeps stability in check, ensuring that the rider is well supported when performing hard tricks.

And it’s not a must to use it on a BMX bike. This bad boy is a universal bike peg.

However, the bike must have a thread pattern of 3/8 by 26b feet.

Since there are many bicycle models and companies, call your manufacturer and tell them your model. They will inform you if the bike is compatible with the peg.

Lastly, the glossy finish makes a good look for attraction.

Most of the pegs with this design are pretty expensive, but Black Ops is an exception.

Check Amazon for the latest price.

6.  Amotor Aluminum Alloy Bike Pegs 

Amazon.com : Amotor Bike Pegs Aluminum Alloy Anti-Skid Lead Foot ...

Amotor Alloy bike pegs resemble 25 NINE BMX peg in beauty and style.

Both add a bit of flair to your BMX peg that makes you stand out in the game.

The only difference with Amotor Alloy peg is that they are knurled throughout the body to create extra traction for shoes.

Note that the knurling does not make them suitable for you if you want to slide or grind through obstacles.

The aluminum material is very sturdy and can withstand a rider weighing 100 pounds.

Unfortunately, most riders weigh above 150 pounds, which is a significant downside for this peg.

Don’t move to the next product yet.

The good thing is that it’s the best choice for a kid to practice his BMX skills.

As they get older and more cumbersome, have a plan to look for a more durable BMX peg.

It’s for this reason that it does not only fit a BMX bike but also the universal Bikes.

You know that BMX bikes can be pretty expensive.

You don’t want to spend a high amount of cash for your8-year-old boy who is starting to learn the ropes of BMX riding.

Don’t get me wrong though,if your pocket is big enough,surprise him.

When it comes to specification, Amotor Bike peg is a big size with dimensions of 100 by 28mm, while the axles are 3/8 by 26T.

7.  Fenix Cycles Foldable Fork Step Pegs

Fenix Foldable Fork Step Pegs Chrome Chrome

Let’s face it – sometimes life leads us to paths we have not planned for.

For, instance you may decide to stop with this BMX thing (I hope it does not happen),or you gift someone your bike which is not into BMX riding.

In either scenario, what do you do with the pegs?

Well, some may opt to gauge them off. However, with Fenix Fork pegs, you don’t need to break the whole thing.

You never know when the fire for the game will strike again.

You just need to fold them up and continue with your riding.

The manufacturer of Fenix Cycles decided to surprise riders with this new and more effective design.

The good thing is that the functionality is not tampered with.

They are still very sturdy and lightweight.

You will be amazed at how the steels are minimalist and super compact.

Installing them is similarly straightforward too.

There’s no drilling that affects the quality of your frame.

So you want to surprise your boys this weekend, why not show up with a peg which they have never seen before.

8.  The Shadow Conspiracy Little Ones Peg Matte Black

This is the latest BMX peg in the family.

Only a few riders have used it before, but they have a powerful feature that should make other pegs concerned.

And this is the heat treatment with Chromoly.

Let me explain what this is if you don’t know.

First of all, and if you didn’t know, most of your bike parts are made with this material.

Talk about the bars, cranks, and frames.

In a nutshell, this is a combination of chromium and molybdenum to form one of the strongest and corrosion-resistant metal which does not easily wear off when grinding.

As a result, it’s one of the heaviest pegs in this review standing at 6.7 oz. This might be a con to some experienced riders.

Still, you can be guaranteed of stability and long service.

The only thing you need to be aware of is that it’s not sold as a pair, but as each, hence making it a bit costly.

Final Verdict

That was a long piece, wasn’t it?

All you have to know is that these pegs are all excellent in their way.

For instance, 25 NINE BMX peg has the most attractive design and color choice, Novatec pegs are the sturdiest with a heavily built construction while Amotor Aluminum has the best traction.

With these in mind, it becomes an uphill battle to make a choice.

So this is what we did to arrive at our countdown.

We checked reviews from past users, compared the prices and checked the cons for each product.

This makes it easy to come up with a trusted review.

So you can make your choice and pick your ideal peg.

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