Best Mini Exercise Bikes

You have heard of stationary exercising bikes, but what about mini exercise bikes?

Only a few have heard of them because they are not common.

If you want to have a small gym at home that will not take much space, the best mini exercise bikes should be the first equipment on the list.

Believe it or not, most of the fat people you see around don’t like the way they look.

They would love it to gain the coveted six packs too.

However, what they lack is the time to go to get to the gym.

Or maybe they don’t just love going to the gym.

As a result, they are left confined in an abyss of fats and calories with no escape route.

It’s such people that a mini exercise bike wants to reach.

It’s perfect for small apartments, easily portable, and still hits those flabs like nothing.

Mini Exercise Versus Stationary Exercise Bike

A mini exercise bike does not only save on space.

It has loads of benefits which top their counterparts, the stationary exercise bikes.

A regular stationary bike is only perfect in exercising the legs.

On the other hand, a mini exercise bike has a double use.

It works both on the lower body and the upper body.

So you ask, how does it exercise the upper body?

Because of the small size, you can use the foot pedals on your hands to works on the biceps and shoulders.

Simply, the same principle applied to your legs is what you use on your hands.

The only downside is that the machine perfectly works as a medical therapy instrument that is used on the joints, knees, elbows, and arms.

The impact on muscular development is relatively minimal.

So it’s not something to entirely rely on when looking for biceps. Instead, you might consider using stationary bikes.

Still, if you are “patient” and have to use it because of space issues, you can give it a shot.

After all, it burns calories, and that’s what people are looking for.

I think that has already given us a foundation of what we will be talking about today.

Let’s now have a look at the Best mini exercise bikes on the market.

1. DeskCycle Under Desk Cycle, Pedal Exerciser – Stationary Mini Exercise Bike

DeskCycle mini exercise bike has to top our list.

There is no doubt that it’s the best mini exercise peddler in the market today.

It’s not only that it has unique features that beats the others out of the ring.

Its ability to leverage the already available features explicitly gives it the upper hand.

For instance, it uses magnetic resistance, just like any other mini exercise bike.

But you can get twice the resistance because of the eight calibrated levels.

This is twice a standard mini exercise bike.

It is, therefore, the perfect choice if you need something to increase your leg power.

As a result of the magnetic resistance, the mini peddler never makes any clunky noise when using.

A noisy mini bike is disturbing and adversely affects your place and time of exercising.

DeskCycle has a smooth system that makes it quiet; you can even use it at night without waking everybody in the house.

What’s more? The machine keeps a record of your exercise for the whole day.

This is around 16 hours, equivalent to 1000 minutes.

To know how far you have reached, there is an LCD screen that does just that.

Besides, the LCD screen shows your speed, scan, distance, and the number of calories you have lost throughout using the bike.


  • Smooth cycling
  • Has online fitness app to record your daily progress
  • Recommended pedal height
  • Has safety straps


  • It’s expensive

2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike

This is the number one competitor of the DeskCycle mini exercise bike.

You can check the amazon reviews to know what I mean.

And it’s not a massive competition for no reason.

The features are just as robust to threaten the world’s best mini bike.

What sets sunny apart from the crowd is the striking design. From first glance, you will think it’s a vacuum cleaner.

But this simple and compact design helps in saving space. It can comfortably fit under your work desk at your workplace.

Just like DeskCycle, it has a classic digital monitor screen that shows you the calories you have burned, the distance covered, and the time you have spent using the machine.

It also has eight levels of resistance, which you can adjust according to your strength.

As you gain more power, you gradually increase the level making it very useful for building muscles.

While peddling, the safety straps will ensure that you have stability even if you are on level eight.

This is a pretty good machine if you want to save on time you will spend in the gym. You can still peddle under your work station and still get in shape.


  • Has a beautiful design
  • Quite on usage
  • Easily portable


  • The pedals are loose and you have to tighten them occasionally

3. Vaunn Medical Basic Pedal Exerciser 

As the name hints, this is the first pedal that is made explicitly for medical uses.

It’s recommended for people that have had an accident and want to regain strengths in their legs/hands and improve blood circulation

The reason why we have given it the third position even though it seems that it doesn’t stand a chance is because it’s very lightweight and portable.

Most of the other mini bikes are heavy, which becomes another load when moving it to your right position.

Besides, you can disassemble and carry it with you when travelling.

Setting it up is similarly straightforward and much better if you have the instructional manual.

You will love the material it’s made with. This is a triple chrome – layered heavy-duty steel that can guarantee your lifetime stability.

The steel also makes it easy to adjust the resistance according to your preferences using the knob above the pedals.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Made of very sturdy metal but lightweight
  • Does not need to be plugged into a power source
  • Made with a rust resistance frame


  • Too high to use under a desk
  • The resistance is not ideal for an athlete.

4. Exercise Peddler with Attractive Silver Vein Finish

This is the perfect mini bike if you want light workouts on your legs and arms with adjustable tension.

If there are fitness machines that should last longer, It’s a mini exercise machine. Why?

Not many companies make them as they are known to be an old method of exercising.

As a result of this, getting spare parts is an uphill battle.

It’s for this reason that Exercise Peddler is well-constructed with durable steel construction that will last for long. You can use it for years with minimal maintenance requirements.

When it comes to functional features, everything is made for longevity.

For instance, the anti-slip pads on the for “legs” ensures that it doesn’t move when exercising.

In case it moves, it loosens some screws hence creating that clanking noise.

Besides, the attractive silver veins on the finish do not give way to rust.

They are durable and sturdy for anybody with huge weight.


  • It’s very light, only weighing 2.2 pounds
  • A beautiful finish
  • It’s not expensive
  • Long-lasting


  • Does not have a display screen to record your exercising progress

5. Mini Exercise Bike, Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser 

People love this mini bike because of the sleek design.

A large number of this group are professionals and entrepreneurs who are busy and don’t get the time to go to the gym.

If you are in this group, you can either use it in your house or carry it to your workplace and place it under your working desk.

Because of the sleek design, it will just look like another office equipment.

It can also fit in your bedroom, porch, or even sitting room. Just make sure that you don’t have kids around who might destruct you.

At the same time, it never makes noise, very slow, soft, and makes peddling fun.

Some people that have used the product says that it’s like a meditation tool that makes them finish their job faster.

The other huge benefit is that it’s not only limited to the young working class.

It also helps the older generation who might have frequent medical problems and have undergone surgery.

The equipment boosts blood circulation on the legs and activating stiff joints.

You will get other standard features like adjustable tension knob that eases its use, an LCD digital monitor for recording, and non-slip handles or foot pedals for more effectiveness.


  • Perfect for the older generation
  • Various level of resistance for an effective exercise
  • It’s a fully compact space saver
  • The feet pad adds security and stability


  • Does not hold into carpet

6. Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Exercise Peddle

Drive Medical Deluxe mini exercise bike is unique.

The design is for a bike peddler that does not need a plug but uses the technology for the modern mini exercise bikes.

As a result of this, it’s foldable and does not take much space; hence you can take it with you when travelling.

It doesn’t matter if you will be using it in your hotel room or home office.

Since it has leveraged on technology, it has a five function display like Sunny health mini exercise bike.

You get to know your revolution count, calories burned, and a scan feature for all values.

 The LCD helps when you don’t want to exercise blindly. You can set your goals and try to achieve them by checking if you have hit your daily targets.

Now, the main difference Drive medical deluxe peddler has with other mini exercise bikes is that it uses a tension screw to adjust the resistance.  This is not something many people like because they want to change things by the touch of a button. But it shouldn’t be a big deal because the process is not that hard either.

The last thing is that it has four durable rubbers on the legs to prevent sliding when in action. The two paddles have a rubber that “sticks” to your shoes.


  • Setting up is easy and fast
  • Easily portable
  • Records your workout


  • Makes noise when in use


That marks our list of the 6 best mini exercise bike reviews.

 You notice that all these bikes are specifically for medical and physical therapy.

They are made for patients that want to regain the leg or hand power.

However, it still something you can include in the machines for leg exercise.

The small calories it burns bring a more significant impact over time.

I hope you have enjoyed the review as we did.

Do you have any questions or comments? Reach out and we will get back to you.

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