Fastest Electric Skateboards

The competition for electric skateboards is at its peak.

Every company is coming up with new ways to make their products, sleeker, more comfortable, and the most vital thing, faster.

Here’s the thing. All skateboarders are thrill-seekers (if you’re not, recheck yourself).

They are always looking for the cheetah in the group to top their peers. Here is a real-life example.

The video below is the legendary Mischo Erban, who was able to show us how fast an e-board can go.

He reached a fantastic top speed of almost 60 km/h but ended up crashing. Nevertheless, he broke the world record and made himself a name.

There are probably hundreds of electric skateboards out there, but this is an all-inclusive list of the fastest skateboards you will not find anywhere.

So let’s first answer this question.

What makes an electric skateboard go fast?

Numerous factors will affect the speed an e-board will cruise. Surprisingly, it does not entirely depend on the board itself. Here are a few examples.

· Level of Motor Power

The first thing to check in a skateboard when looking for high speed is the level of engine motor system. Most skateboards have motor power between 500W and 1000W.

The latter is ideal as it keeps you on par with your competitors.

 If you are not satisfied, you can as well get a few skateboards that reach up to 3000W.

 But they come with a hefty price tag.

· Weight of the Rider

Your weight is a load that should be kept minimum to record better performance.

The lighter you are, the faster the skateboard and vice versa.

Besides, it gives the skateboard an oomph to cruise through the wind comfortably.

If this is a huge problem and you can’t hit the gym now, the only way is to look for a skateboard with robust motor power, as we have said above.

Ideally, a motor system with over 1000W can offset a rider weighing above 225 lbs.

· The skateboard Design

You can’t compare a skateboard explicitly built for speed with a regular e-board.

Every part keeps in mind the velocity it wants to achieve.

This means that they are built with the lightest material and a streamlined shape to penetrate through the air.

Besides, the power transmission to the wheels must be perfect, with the wheels having a better grip.

1. MEEPO Electric Skateboard


This bad boy is a new face in the skateboarding family but is ready to change the industry upside down.

Let me introduce you to the MEEPO electric skateboard that will give you a whopping speed of 29 MPH, similar to a few low-end cars.

If you didn’t know, this is not an American product, but Chinese made – the first on the list.

The secret is in the motor engine, which is a V2 motor urethane engine.

The machine has a sleek design that has gone through numerous upgrading over the last three years. What you currently get is not only an attractive design but also functional.

What does this mean? The deck is designed in a way that the stability is not compromised at high speeds.

This gives you less worry for your safety, more so when riding in rocky areas.

The second most vital part of a skateboard built for speed after the moto power is the braking system.

You understand what it means. When stepping on the accelerator, you feel the gradual increase in speed.  

It’s the same thing when slowing down. The powerful braking system ensures a smooth decrease from the top speed to zero in seconds.

MEEEPO e-board has more to offer than you cannot imagine.

We have not even touched on the battery life, the tire, and the remote system. Check on it to get more.

2. Skatebolt Remote Control Electric Longboard, Top Speed ​​25 MPH

Just like Usain Bolt, Skatebolt gives you a hint that it is a fast skateboard.

It’s not that there are no other boards that can reach 25 mph.

We are also putting into account other factors like design, motor power, and mile range.

Skatebolt does not give anything to chance.

It has a dual brushless hub motor with an output of a whopping 1000W.

With the powerful motor system, it only takes 5 seconds to achieve the maximum speed.

It also enables the skateboard to climb hills of up 30 degrees, which only a few skateboards in the industry can keep up with.

What’s more thrilling is the battery it uses.

It is a 6600 mAh Lithium-ion battery that lasts for 16 hours after one charge.

This is enough to take you to the office or school and back for three days.

Not to mention that the remote controller “updates” you on the battery performance for better management. Do you need safety? The LED lights on the rear do just that.

This is a pretty fantastic skateboard to try.

The range is just perfect and comes with incredible add-ons that take the experience to a new level.

3. PHOENIX RYDERS 25 MPH Top Speed ​​Electric

PHOENIX RYDERS is not something new if you have read skateboard reviews before.

Talk of the best, most durable, and long-lasting skateboards, you can’t fail to get Phoenix on the countdown.

And today, it’s still on our list for the fastest skateboards.

First of all, you will notice that the skateboards we have reviewed here are pretty expensive.

Believe it or not, you can acquire this bad boy with not more than $300.

And it still gives you a maximum speed of 25 MPH. Talk of affordability with complete functionality.

Where is the secret? Obviously, it’s on the dual 500W motors that total ups to 1000W.

This feature ensures a perfect acceleration that is similar to the top dogs.

Not to forget the design, which makes it very attractive.

Many skateboards from the company are painted red and black, which gives thrill-seekers that fulfilling feel.

The boards, on the other hand, are made of durable wood that does not break easily.

You can do your tricks without worrying that the whole thing will come crumbling down.

The performance is top-notch; you will love every time you spend time with it.

If you want speed with less cash, PHOENIX is your guy.


GT POWERBOARD is not only known for the hefty price tag but also the powerful motorsport system that comes with it.

It gives you a maximum cruise speed of 23mph, which you can attain in 5 seconds of acceleration.

This is a machine you shouldn’t play around with.

The numerous features it professes are only found in a few skateboards.

For instance, the huge, durable rubber wheels can ride smoothly on any terrain with ease.

You can speed through a park and a forest as if you are riding on a highway.

The aluminum deck is 45 inches long and 11 wide just enough to give you stability when riding at such high speeds.

Moving into the battery, it’s well equipped not only for the tracks but also perfect for off-road.

The SLA batteries can comfortably enable you to ride for 15 miles non – stop.

Seemingly, this skateboard is not for a beginner.

It’s well huge, heavy, and well equipped. Only an expert can control it.  Do you feel ready? Give it a shot today.

5. MotoTec MT-SKT-1600

From the first look, you may not think this is a skateboard, wait until you give it a try that you will experience its other impressive side.

This bad boy was only built for off-road skateboarding.

The huge tires will give you a hint. Don’t assume that the enormous tires decrease the speed.

The powerful 1600 W engine can reach a maximum speed of 22 MPH.

Remember, this is on a bumpy and rocky road. The speed can likely be more if you are skateboarding on tarmac road.

Besides, the skateboard is built to last.

Everything from the tires, deck, truck, and even the remote is made of hard materials that do not break easily.

And yes, it is very bulky, in fact, it weighs a whopping 71 lbs with a length of 46 inches.

This is enough to support a rider weighing 260 lbs.

Does this mean the heavy weight hurts the speed? Your answer is in the potent motor system.

I hope you do notice it’s the second-highest in this review.

6. Atom Electric B.36 Longboard Skateboard

Atom E-boards is one of the most reputable skateboards but yet very pricy.

Don’t run away yet. It would be great to first look at what it offers.

Besides, there are way many expensive skateboards but have not made it on this list.

To begin with, it’s the most powerful skateboard in this review.

The total power output is 3600 W. This seemingly puts MotoTec MK-SKT-1600 skateboard on the backseat and other boards in the boot.

What comes with this powerful motor system? You are assured of consistent high speeds on rocky areas, hilly areas, and long-performance.

 Also, the software is similarly amazing for smooth acceleration and a regenerative braking system.

The maximum load it can withstand is 275 lbs. If you think that your weight is preventing you from getting a lifetime experience in an electronic skateboard feel, you better give Atom longboards a try.

7. Genesis Hellfire Electric Skateboard

Like MEEPO, this is also a new skateboard in the industry.

But after reading very many positive reviews on Amazon, we had to include it on this list.

The 20 mph is just perfect, as it is the recommended speed.

This is the right speed if you are not living in hilly areas or commuting in high terrain roads.

You should expect to go with a speed of between 15 and 18 MPH if you weigh around 265 lbs.

On a single charge, the battery can take you up to 20 miles, which is nice considering that it only takes three hours to charge fully.

If you must use have a nicely designed board, then Genesis is not your guy.

It’s all about simplicity with a touch of attraction on the orange wheels.

You can get other boards with red and yellow wheels.

Not to mention that it has effective quality control with better customer support who are always ready to lend a hand.

The only con is that the board is not so durable, which might be discouraging for a $600 board.

Final Takeaway

It was a nice little journey, and we loved every bit of it, hope you did too.

What we need you to note is that there are faster skateboards than what we have reviewed.

In fact, we have even not reviewed the skateboard that Mischo Erban used to attain the 60 mph.

We know that you are not looking for an e-board to take away his glory but something simple, cheaper, but still able to give you those dream speeds.

These are what you can just buy now.

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