Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads

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Picture6-3 Radar Wheels-Energy 62 Note: micro hub makes this wheel to remain responsive.
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Picture8-2 Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Note: Has a durometer rating of 86a. Check Price
Picture4-3 Cloud Ride Wheels Cruiser Note: Square-lipped design.
78a durometer
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Powell-peralta Snakes Note: 56mm contact patch.
-Durometer of 77a.
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Skating is an exciting sport when given proper consideration.

You will never go wrong when you skate through rough roads while using the right skating wheels.

As such, you should use bigger and softer wheels that have the upper hand over smaller and harder wheels.

For instance, you can use softer wheels when riding over certain surfaces full of cracks and pebbles.

Unfortunately, such surfaces will throw the rider off-board if you make use of hard wheels.

The good news is; you can use the same hard wheels on roads.

Many fail to understand the difference that occurs between standards skateboard wheels and skateboard wheels for a rough road.

The answer is simple. The standard wheel option will suit all the tricks.

Unluckily, for the experienced cruiser, the standard wheels are not perfect for a rough road.

You need to understand your skating style to be in a position to choose the right skating wheels.

Moreover, the wheels will manifest in multiple diameters and colors.

That alone can attract confusion if you lack the right information to cause a breakthrough.

Here, in the write-up, we will shed more light of the right skateboard wheels for rough roughs from the 8 option as discussed in the following section.

What is Critical when Choosing Skateboard Wheels?

The wheel happens to be an essential part of the skateboard.

The key reason is it allows you to ride while on the skateboard.

The wheels also determine the style and the discipline to keep for successful riding.

They also dictate the speed and the type of surface to ride on.

Therefore, you should select the correct wheels that will allow you to move on the rough surfaces with ease.

The entire process of finding the perfect skateboard wheels for rough surfaces proves a daunting task to most skaters.

Here are the parameters to use to simplify the selection exercise.

· Durometer

Durometer is the measure of the hardness of the skateboard wheels.

Various manufacturers use the durometer scales that rate to a scale of 100.

If the number is high, the hardness of the wheel will increase. In our case, you will need a wheel with a lower number.

The lower the durometer number, the softer the wheel. Soft wheels will ride correctly on rough surfaces.

Although softer wheels are slower, they will give the user a hard grip necessary for rough terrains.

· Brand

The brand is a crucial factor when choosing the correct skateboard wheels for rough surfaces.

You should select your choices from renowned brands since they keep a certain quality.

They also strive to maintain their name by producing top-quality products.

In the other scenario, it would help if you can avoid unknown brands.

They may toot their trumpets to popularize their products only to realize that you fell on their trap and landed a poor product.

You will need to perform proper research.

· Size

You should select the right wheel with the required diameter.

Do you know that the diameter size determines the speed?

Furthermore, the same diameter will dictate the tightness of your turn.

You will measure diameters in millimeters. The standard wheel diameter will range between 50 and 70 mm.

The smaller wheels will allow someone for a smaller ride. Additionally, they are easy to control.

If you need a fast ride, then you can settle for larger wheels.

1. Radar Wheels-Energy 62

Indeed, if you are looking for the durable wheels, then Radar Wheels Energy 62 can be your ideal choice.

Firstly, the wheels enjoy a sturdy urethane construction that is suitable for extensive usage.

You will get the right grip necessary to skate on rough terrains, streets, sidewalks, and trail.

Most importantly, the manufacturer made this wheel for outdoor enthusiasts.

It will glide smoothly on small debris to give you a fantastic performance.

The presence of a micro hub makes this wheel to remain responsive to your turns and keep a smooth ride.

The skateboard wheels comes with the right hardness to match your skating style.

The wheels also come in the right measurement to make you be in control of the speed.

As such, you will achieve long-distance riding.

The design made them in various colors such as teal, pink, and white to suit your preferences.

2. Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a

Ricta skateboard wheels are excellent crossbreed necessary for cruising rough surfaces while mimicking the street wheels performance.

It has a durometer rating of 86a, which is suitable for longboard and street boards.

Since it has a hybrid formula, it will glide accurately on rugged terrain.

The wheels offers a considerable grip for downward cruising or carving.

However, the wheels will still stay firm to handle various tricks.

It will offer you minimal gripping necessary for slide prevention.

The cool aspect is that the wheels have a diameter of 58mmto maintain exceptional speed and provide fast acceleration.

The wheels come from high-end urethane material, which is also durable.

It is a versatile wheel that you can apply on rougher terrains, ditches, steep streets, and more.

The wheel will be a great option for beginner park rides until they marshal enough experience to perform complicated skating.

3. Cloud Ride Wheels Cruiser

You will find the right service in this product when carving or cruising.

The wheels come in the right diameter of 69mm, which allows the rider to operate at the required pace.

The high-rebound urethane material will tolerate any style of riding.

The wheel has a square-lipped design which makes it to remain resilient.

The 78a durometer will provide the necessary grip while cornering. It will easily roll on cracks, rough surfaces, and small rocks.

As you begin to slide, the wheel will keep you in control.

You will apply them in carving, cruising, and riding downhill.

The top-quality urethane material used for its construction enhances prolonged usage.

The designer created them in different colors to match your preferences.

The contact patch is around 56 mm, which is reliable for enhancing adequate grip as you ride on your skate.

4. Powell-Peralta Snakes 

Powell –Peralta Snakes are perfect cruiser wheels that will offer high performance on rough roads.

Cracks will prove to be a non-issue since it will ride smoothly on them.

The large contact patch and the grippy design will comfortably handle power slides.

The wheels will plough through the gravel effortlessly. You will rarely adjust the stance as you roll up an angled carb.

The 56mm contact patch will provide a dependable grip to move appropriately.

The soft design is an added advantage ride on rough terrains. With a durometer of 77a, the wheels will serve you optimally.

The top quality materials used for construction will enhance long service.

You will live to appreciate the value of your spent cent on them.

The availability of warranty is an indicator of the manufacturer’s commitment to keeping quality.

The wheel feature a 69mm diameter. It makes it perfect for optimal speed.

You will still find other versions in different diameters for your selection.


5. Orangatang Longboard Skateboard Wheels

Orangatang skateboard wheels will offer the right services on both mini and double kick skateboards.

Its compact and lightweight design will enable smooth slides on smaller longboards.

The 65mm diameter is suitable to provide the right acceleration and tricks during different maneuverability.

The wheels have rounded lips assisted by a stone-ground contact patch that enhances smooth and predictable slides.

It uses urethane material, which is grippy and plushy.

The wheel will also be available in four different durometers being 77a, 80a, 83a, and 86a.

You can use this skateboard wheels on street skating and other rough surfaces.

The 37mm contact part will offer you smooth riding experience.

The supportive and robust core will hold the lips for a crisp slide and wear.

6. OJ Danny Dicola

If you need fast transportation, then OJ Danny Dicola should be your viable option.

It will operate optimally at minimal pushing. The wheel has a soft durometer rated at 78a.

Such a design is suitable for both longboard and street boards.

The wheel will perform exceptionally when placed on rough roads.

You will encounter an excellent grip due to the soft formula that the wheel has.

You can use it ideally when carving or riding over cracks, pebbles, or downhill.

You will encounter smooth experience, as if you were traveling on a balanced and even road.

The wheel has a diameter of 60mm, which is a good bet for optimal acceleration and speed.

It also allows the user to perform a few tricks and maneuvers.

Overall, its design will suit a regular-sized street deck. The great advantage with this product is on fair pricing.

7. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

Freedare skateboard wheels are are great product that use 83a polyurethane material.

With a wheel diameter of 60mm, it will ideally cruise on various terrains.

The manufacturer installed 22mm X 8mm bearings in the wheels. Such a size is suitable for beginners.

You can still use this wheel on various surfaces like concrete, asphalt, sidewalk, and ramps.

Having a durometer of 83a, the wheel has the right hardness to provide the necessary grip on various terrains.

The used PU material makes the wheel is stable and quiet.

You can use it extensively without any threat of tearing or wearing.

The wheels have three LED lights to enhance their aesthetics.

They will shine for you as you skate in dark hours. Its quality is unmatched as the buyer will enjoy a 30-day return policy.


8. MOTION Electric Skateboard Wheels 

The motion Electric Skateboard Wheels use a damping core technology, which makes it abrasion-proof.

Furthermore, the damping core will restore better vibrations while on bumpy roads.

The rider will, therefore, enjoy the smooth flow while operating on rough surfaces.

It is an all-terrain wheel which has a diameter of 120mm.

The wheel comes from a quality polyurethane material, which is both wear and tear-resistance.

You also use it to skate on city streets and parks effortlessly.

With a durometer of 78a, it will offer a super high rebound. It will enhance unparalleled speed.

Furthermore, the skateboard wheel uses ABEC 7 bearings, which allows the wheel to spin freely.

You can mount it on different skateboards, especially the longboards.

In Conclusion

You should strive to get the right skateboard wheel for rough surfaces to enjoy your riding experience.

You can only improve your skill as you buy and fix the best skateboard wheel that will handle the terrain you are familiar with.

Many despair when they encounter a sea of products in the market. Let that not make you panic.

Your answers are this review. You can take advantage of the products on our list and find fulfillment.

You will never go wrong as you confine your choices from the list.

At last, as you have the right skateboard wheels.

You will cruise through various surfaces without feeling a sense of discomfort.

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