Best Cruiser Skateboards

Ever wondered why you need the best cruiser skateboard?

Cruisers are longer skateboard options that are stable and easy to grip.

Furthermore, the cruiser uses softer wheels to absorb bump effects and maintain your riding comfort.

The only difference with the regular skateboards is that the cruisers are for commuting only.

They are not suitable for doing street tricks.

Before you decide to buy a cruiser skateboard, you should have a proper skating experience.

Typically, cruiser skateboards are smooth and fast, making them ideal for transportation.

You can acquire one and use it for the intended purpose.

You will need a comfortable platform for riding cruiser skateboard comfortably.

At this point, your curiosity will drive you to discover the best cruiser skateboard.

As you read this review to the end, you will discover the right product for you and make a sound decision.

You will encounter various models in the market shelves, which may sound overwhelming if you lack proper facts.

You can overcome such a trap by gathering the right details to differentiate the genuine from fake ones.

Without much ado, we will explore the 8 best cruiser skateboard and allow you to the best among the list.

Either way, you will find the correct product that will serve your needs. Let’s get started.

Choosing the Best Cruiser Skateboards

Getting overwhelmed with various cruiser skateboard options should not serve as an excuse to purchase in haste.

You ought to be systematic on how to approach the issue and settle for the best product.

In the long run, you will enjoy the benefits of the right product.

We will be unveiling some of the pointers to the correct product.

As you gauge the product on such elements, you will land the perfect product. Read on.

  • Materials

Materials will dictate the overall quality of your skateboard.

It also determines the durability and performance aspects.

Some skateboards use wood material, which is ideal in providing a larger space.

Again, another commonly used material is plastic.

Here, the manufacturer will use high-grade plastic that is flexible and durable to withstand any stress.

It scores highly in terms of weight since it remains light.

  • Wheels

The wheels determine the performance of your skateboard.

In our case, the cruiser skateboard has large wheels, which increase the speed.

This category will have a diameter of between 60 to 65 mm.

The cruiser skateboard has softer wheels with a durometer that range between 80a and 90a.

It absorbs the shock impacts and makes the rider comfortable while cruising.

Such wheels will roll smoothly on rough surfaces.

The shape of the wheel also matters a lot. You will be wrong to believe that the shape of the wheels is the same.

The right and high performing wheels will have a round wide lip.

You should avoid narrow outline lips that have minimal ground contact.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility will determine the stiffness of the skateboard.

The flexible skateboard will absorb more shocks and make a comfortable ride.

You can determine the board’s flexibility by riding it yourself and gauge if it can match your preferences.

One aspect that determines flexibility is the thickness and material type.

1. Meketec Skateboards

Meketec skateboard features a length of 22inches and 5.9 inches in width.

It will stand about 3.8 inches while off the ground. The tail happens to be 4.75 high.

The fantastic wheels have a dimension of 60 X 45 mm, featuring ABEC 7 bearings.

This skateboard is ideal for kids who are just starting the skateboarding journey.

It weighs 3.8 pounds, making it lightweight. However, it can withstand a maximum load of 200 pounds.

The quality is unmatched as it meets the standards of CE. The kids can use it to commute to school.

The deck comes from polypropylene, having an anti-slip pattern.

The skateboard comes with reasonable pricing. The wheels match with the deck to give impressive looks.

The downside with such a product is; it may be too small for the children that are above ten years.

2. Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard

The designer made this cruiser skateboard with optimal flexibility, as seen on each curve and turn.

Furthermore, the deck comes from the right plastic materials that are of good quality.

However, the skateboard is thinner and shorter than the standard ones.

The product comes in perfect size of 22 inches in length and a width that measures 6 inches.

It can be a perfect choice for teenagers and kids. It uses 59mm urethane wheels and ABEC 7 bearings.

The ABEC 7 bearing comes from hard metal to reduce friction as the skateboard moves.

The skateboard will therefore move smoothly when riding at high speeds.

The bearings are both wear and tear-resistant.

In other words, the bearings are harder and durable than carbon steel.

The manufacturer used Skatro Flex technology to ensure optimal flex.

The skateboard comes while fully assembled. Moreover, it comes in various colors and prints.

3. VOLADOR Freeride Longboard 

The skateboard has a drop-through camber deck, which is a perfect shape that is ideal for absorbing shocks.

You can use this skateboard for the roughest surfaces.

Remarkably, it is a longboard that will measure 42 x 9 inches. It is both suitable for adults and teenagers.

The deck enjoys an 8-ply hard rock maple construction, bound together by epoxy glue, making it slightly heavy.

It has a weight limit of 25 pounds. Interestingly, the longboard has adjustable trucks.

You can adjust the aluminum kingpin 7-inch trucks from 45 to 50 degrees.

The skateboard has the right wheel to assist the rider to move at a fast speed. 

The wheels use ABEC 9 bearings the will enhance a smooth ride.

The deck will provide an improved lean and curve since it has a concave design.

The used material is eco-friendly as they conserve the environment.

The high-quality materials are also long-lasting.

4. Playshion Skateboard Cruiser

Playshion will offer you the right service as you use it for transportation purposes.

The deck comes from eight-ply maple wood that is both flexible and sturdy.

The rider will experience a great sliding action due to the presence of a 7-inch reverse kingpin aluminum trucks.

The wheels come in a 70 X 50mm dimension with ABEC 9 bearings.

You will enjoy a smooth ride even when riding on bumpy surfaces.

It is suitable for both adults and teenagers. Moreover, the bearings will make little sound.

They feature nylon ball cages to eliminate friction.

The longboard weighs 6.6 pounds, which is an acceptable weight from the ones that originate from plywood.

It can tolerate a weight limit of 250 pounds. The longboard is 4 inches when off the surface.

The deck is 39 inches long while 9.1 inches in width. The large width enhances the stability of the skateboard.

Furthermore, it provides ample space for the rider to place the feet.

5. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard 

It is a great commuter board that is suitable for kids who will use it while going for errands or school.

The materials used for the construction of the deck is typically ample Canadian wood.

It is a top-quality material that can withstand rough handling for several years.

You can use the Magneto mini cruiser skateboard to perform various tricks like flips, ollies, and pivots.

Its features are beginner-friendly. The skateboard comes in a compact size, which is ideal for easier storage and portability.

The used wood material contributes to its lightweight design.

The rigid deck will ensure stability, especially to beginners.

Most importantly, it lacks enough flexibility to enable the rider to maneuver through crowded sidewalks.

The wheels come from SHR PU materials, making them soft.

You will comfortably ride on bumps without any feeling the shock impacts.

6. Cal 7 2 Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Cal 7 is a famous skateboard that comes in compact size featuring 22 inches.

The designer used durable and sturdy plastic material to provide optimal flex while making turns on steep.

Furthermore, the skateboard has a three-inch aluminum truck.

The product use 60mm wheels and ABEC 7 bearings to enhance faster performance.

You have an allowance to choose from ten different wheel models to suit your taste.

You can acquire the sturdiest and softest wheels, which are ideal in commuting on rough terrains.

The cruiser skateboard is suitable for teenagers and adults who are beginners.

Furthermore, this skateboard is easy to learn.

The cool thing about this product lies in its durability as it can withstand impacts in the event of falling.

Beyond that, the cruiser skateboard in still suitable for multiple genders.

It comes in 28 color combinations. Since it is lightweight, it is easy to carry it around.

7. Quest QT-NSC44C Skateboard

It is a unique skateboard that has a longboard that measures 44 inches long.

It comes from artisan bamboo and maple seven plywood, which provides high flexibility.

The material makes the skateboard to appear stylish. Again, it has a standard width.

It can withstand a weight capacity of 285 pounds. The 7-ich aluminum made trucks makes it to offer outstanding performance.  

It can be an ideal skateboard for the advanced skaters. However, you can still use it if you are a beginner.

The cruiser skateboard uses ABEC 7 bearings, which will accommodate moderate speed.

Furthermore, the product passed the test of various standardization bodies in the US.

It manifests in 8 different colors.The only shortcoming is that the product is slightly heavyweight.

Also, they did not specify the warranty information.

8. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard 

Retrospect Zed Bamboo will offer you enhanced grip and stability.

The 70mm polyurethane wheels are super shock absorbent.

It has a light stained bamboo construction, plus the eight-ply maple wood.

As such, the board is risk-free and eco-friendly.

The use of bamboo material makes the board malleable where the ride will run fast and efficiently in any situation.

The lightweight aluminum tracks increase the performance of the skateboard.

Most importantly, the wheels use an anti-bite technology.

The designer milled these wheels to reduce the impacts of wheel bites.

As such, it makes the board reliable and safe. It can tolerate a weight capacity of 220 pounds.

Unfortunately, it is heavyweight and not suitable for beginners.

Since it comes from the market while fully assembled, it is ever ready to use.

In Conclusion

The information in this write-up unveils the cruiser skateboards that are ideal for both advanced and beginner skaters.

They come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate the different needs of the users.

You will need such skateboards for commuting and performing other errands.

If you are still undecided about choosing the best cruiser skateboard, you can take advantage of the products on our list and find a breakthrough.

They come from the right material with the right technology to handle all the skateboarding challenges.

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