Best Bike Rack for Jeep Wrangler

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Let me ask you a few questions that will form a foundation of our review.

Do you love cycling?

Do you own a Jeep?

Do you want to carry your bike wherever you are going?

If you were nodding to these questions, then you need a bike rack that will accompany you wherever life takes you.

A jeep is an adventure vehicle and you need a good bike rack that is compatible with its versatility and strength.

As always, we have scoured the net and came up with best wranglers for an adventure seeker like you.

So let’s get straight to real business.

1. Thule 963Pro Spare Me 2 Bike Carrier 

Thule Bike carriers are an industry leader.

If you have read and have little knowledge of bike wranglers, then you must have heard of Thule 963Pro bike wranglers

. And it’s not popular for nothing.

The bike racks offer exceptional functionality at an affordable price which is something you might consider when working on a budget.

For a rider acquainted with bike racks, you already know that many wranglers only fit a particular tire size.

 Thule963 pro bike carriers are compatible with regular and oversized tires.

Plus, the integrated locking cable ensures that your bike is safely held to the carrier and vehicle.

You don’t need to worry that the bike will get loose when driving in rocky areas.


  • It is compatible with different tire sizes and can hold two bikes at once
  • The installation is fast and easy
  • Has a safe and sturdy locking system
  • You get a lifetime warranty for the product


  • The rubbers straps wear down quickly

2. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire

Thule963 pro bike wrangler is affordable but not as cheap as Allen Bike wrangler.

This would be a quick and inexpensive solution if you did not plan for a bike wrangler in your escapade plan.

Its versatility makes it not only compatible with jeep tires but also other vehicle tires which is not easy to find in the market.

Attaching your bike and installing on the tire is very easy and you don’t need an expert’s guide.

Thanks to the patent design.

Since it is 15 inches long, I can comfortably accommodate two bikes each weighing 70 lb.

The wide bottom foot supports weight on the rear tire and not on the rim.

The only downside with the rack is that it will destroy the spare tire if it’s old. You better try some other wrangler in such a case.


  • The design enables the rack to hold the bike above the spare tire
  • It lasts for a long
  • It has convenient support for weight distribution
  • Can hold two heavy bikes at once.


  • The cradle damages weak carbon frames
  • The arms do not collapse

3. Hollywood Racks SR1 Spare Tire Rack 2-Bike Spare Tire Mount Rack

Hollywood racks have a unique design that anyone would love.

It covers 1/3 of the tire to make sure that your bike does not loose hold on a rough ride.

The robust metal frame surrounds the tire while the horizontal structure goes across the tire for extra stability.

This hints to you that it does not fit all tire sizes which is a significant downside.

Don’t run away yet; it has more features to win your trust.

For instance, you can adjust and centre it for side-mounted tires.

This also makes it foldable when not in use.

You can, therefore, have an excellent presentation when using the jeep for official purpose.

With the two tie-down systems sitting on either of the arms, you can fasten the bikes to avoid any movement.

Lastly, it is essential to know that you need a top tube adapter to hold kids’ bikes and ladies’ frame bikes to make them fit on the rack.


  • The shipment comes when already assembled. Installing is therefore quick
  • You don’t need to entirely remove the spare tire when installing
  • Securely holds two bikes
  • Can fit well on other vehicles too


  • Does not have lock hence susceptible to theft
  • Have lots of straps that may cause confusion
  • Removing the bike after every use is hectic

4. Yakima Spare Tire Bike Rack

If you don’t find Thule 963Pro bike rack to be your ideal bike carrier, then Yakima will do the job.

At least when you are looking for a sturdy pack.

This is another big name in the industry that has proven its worth over time.

One of the things you will love about the bike rack is the ease of installation.

You don’t need a tool to attach to the tire.

The fact that it does not touch the vehicle is crucial because you will only install it once for extended usage.

Stability is not a big deal, thanks to the large knob that makes it easy to tighten when holding two bikes.

At the same time, the tread pads do an excellent job in protecting your bike from vibration when driving in high terrain areas.

Along with these goodies, the Yakima manufacturers were wise enough to add a couple of accessories including a bottle opener for a fresh refreshment after a long ride.


  • The arms and attachments are foldable; hence you don’t need to remove the rack once installed
  • Easy to install
  • The rack has an intricate locking system


  • Does not fit all tire size
  • It holds the top tubes which might not be suitable for carbon frames

5. Surco BT300 Spare Tire Rack

Surco is another big name not new to outdoor enthusiasts. Why?

It’s the only bike rack that can hold up to three bikes – two mountain bikes and your kid’s bike.

This is enough for a small family that wants to have fun riding away from home.

The mount will only hang on the spare tire so that you don’t have trouble operating the trunk.

The good thing is that the bike rack has all that you may want to plan your next venture.

Talk of a stable unit, easy installation and long service

It also comes with an anti-theft lock when riding in high crime areas.

The only downside is that you get one key which is unsafe if losing keys is your forte.

In case it happens, look for a locksmith and have a plan of buying spare keys as soon as possible.


  • The metal arm and cradle is very robust for stability
  • It can carry three bikes
  • It has a stress free design
  • It’s attached to the car by a bolt


  • It does not have a collapsible arm support
  • Space does not accommodate three large bikes

6. Allen Sports Premier 3-Bike Spare Tire Rack, Model S303

This another fantastic bike rack from the Allen family which you should not hesitate from buying. Why?

The reliability and affordability is not something you will get in the market easily.

It’s a little bit bigger than its sibling with a 16” arm length.

This hints that it can similarly fit a wide range of tire sizes.

The unique design that makes it possible to mount three mountain bikes.

But you should first ensure that the tires do not weigh more than 100lbs.

Ideally, this means that two mountain bikes with a small child’s bikes are what fits comfortably.

In addition, the patented design ensures that the bikes are firmly held on the cradle.

Offloading is similarly straightforward because you don’t need a tool for assistance.

Not to forget that the design ensures that you have smooth installing to the vehicle.

The only con is that it is pretty expensive, unlike the Deluxe-2 version.

Still, it has features that will assure you of prolonged use.


  • Very Durable for long service
  • Easy to mount to the vehicle
  • Can support huge weight of 100lb


  • Do not have security locks to prevent theft
  • Removing the bike is tiresome

7. Smittybilt 76713 Jeep Wrangler 

This is a different type of bike rack because it belongs to the roof category.

These types of racks are safer and do not tamper with the spare tire.

This brand has been used for over 50 years with a track record of excellent performance.

Over the years, the company has continuously revamped the bike rack to make it more reliable and functional by embracing technology.

The advantage of the smittybilt bike rack is that it welcomes extra weight up to 700 pounds.

This means you can put up to 5 bikes for the whole family. Or you can add other accessories like bags, tents etc. to make a complete outdoor adventure pack.

The metal frames are very sturdy and spacious. Everything fits well without compromising on stability.

You don’t need to use extra ropes to tie your accessories.

Thanks to the crossbar that perfectly does the job, which can be removed easily.


  • Can hold a large number of accessories
  • Tough steel for stability
  • It has an ergonomic design for a perfect fit.


  • Very expensive
  • Take a lot of space when removed because it’s not foldable

How to Choose the Best Bike Rack for Jeep Wrangler

For us to arrive at these seven bike racks, we used vital differentiators to shape our review.

You should keep these factors in mind next time before you purchase your suitable carrier.

We don’t have the time to go through all of them. We will just mention the few important ones.

· The Bike Weight Limit

Most bike racks are built to carry only two bikes, which is around 70 pounds.

Other racks like Allen sports premier 3 Bike tires have an extra 30 pounds for a small bike.

Nevertheless, you can pick a carrier with a lower weight if you are sure you won’t carry two bikes.

· The Security

Predominantly, a bike rack is meant to carry a bike.

Safety is something that is secondarily taken into account by most products, yet it is still essential.

Who knows? You may travel to a theft-prone area, and you might end up losing your bike.

It’s necessary to look for a bike rack with sturdy locks. Or it may be wise to buy your lock later.

· Ease of use

The right carrier should have collapsible arms with some sense of compactness.

Still, it shouldn’t be cumbersome or give you a hard time when attaching.

This means that they should be flexible when installing or removing your bike from the vehicle.


There you have it, seven of the best bike rack for jeep wrangler on the market today.

You don’t need to wait for the right time to buy them.

The time is now If you have a question, comment or compliment, feel free to leave us a message.

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