7 Best Aggressive Inline Skates

Several models of aggressive inline skates come in varying designs.

Some have both a rugged and sturdy orientation that will withstand jumps, shocks and falls.

They will also tolerate the friction that is evident on concrete edges and rails.

Other models have a groove on the frame or a shell for grinding, depending on wheel configuration.

Some of the fundamental elements that you must evaluate before selecting the right aggressive inline skates are frames, wheels, set up and boots.

Well, if you get the right aggressive inline skate, you will find fulfillment with lots of fun.

You can start from a beginner level and expand on your skills as you constantly train strategically.

As you skate, you will also be reaping the benefits of staying healthy.

Many find it challenging to locate the right product since there are many fake ones in the same market.

The comparison comes in handy as a way of separating the genuine from unsuitable ones.

We have the privilege to introduce you to the most popular products that you need to know before you settle for the best. Let’s dig in:


How Do You Choose the Best Aggressive Inline Skates?

What could be critical when you are choosing the aggressive inline skates?

It is a question that several buyers secretly dread when they are looking for the ideal product.

You will have to use certain parameters that will gauge the relevancy of your choice.

You may require to use the following elements before you reach at a reasonable conclusion.

· Boot

It refers to the outer shell which will get subjected to tear and wear that results from tricks and grinding.

The hard material will make it to be long-lasting as it offers protection and stability.

As a beginner, you may need stiffer boots.

One will also get the right service from softshell boots to give you adequate support.

Furthermore, the material is stretchable since it is less stiff.

The extra flexibility will enhance the feel for grinds.

However, you must be cautious of jumps and landings as it will be challenging on ankles and feet.

· Liner

The liner defines the interior part of your skate that will hold your foot correctly.

Your boot should have padding and support as a guarantee of safety as you align your ankle in the correct position.

You will involve thinner liners to improve your skating experience.

Liners will still act as shock absorbers in aggressive inline skates.

The manufacturers succeed by involving more foams of padding as well as the use of soft materials.

It will cushion you from shock impacts as you land on hard surfaces.

· Bearings

You can rate the inline bearing on ABEC scale.

Most of the high rated bearing will provide a smoother and efficient service.

When using the ABEC rating, we consider the following sequence like 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.

The aggressive models use the bearing rating of 5 as a standard. .

The higher rating will mean a better experience but the only downside about such ratings is that they have a shorter lifespan.

It is noteworthy that aggressive skates will not exceed the ABEC 7 rating since higher ones are fragile.

· Frame

The frame acts as the chassis of the skate which holds the wheels.

You will use the frame for grinding purposes, hence is comes from durable and sturdy materials.

Early models used the plastic materials to provide a grinding area.

Later, the H-block replaced the plastic frames which the manufacturer placed in the center of wheels.

For better grinding performance, you will require a skate plate that has grooves.

There are also anti-rocker frames that have the anti-rocker wheels which will feature at the middle.

On the other hand, the freestyle frames have only dual outer wheel mounted.

The design will utilize all the space in-between to facilitate grinding.

1. K2 Unnatural Inline Skates

The model will perfectly support hard-charging skaters that come with exceptional features.

However, as a beginner, you can still consider it to enhance your skating skills.

The product uses high collar soft boots that are practical to all tricks.

Interestingly, the product has an adjustable shock absorber to maintain feet safety.

There is a supportive footbed that combines with a power strap and a ratchet buckle cuff closure to maintain stability and comfort.

Their frames have a flat design with a considerable H-block cut out.

The boots have a durable sole with Teflon inserts to eliminate friction on various surfaces.

It uses four wheels with a configuration of 88a durometer rating and 60mm.

The wheel size happens to be above average, which is suitable for fitness skating to enable faster and smooth skating.

The K2 is a highly responsive skate since it will provide reliable comfort and support.

2. Rollerblade RB NJ5 Aggressive Inline Skate

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It is a street skating gear that will also excel in parks.

The rollerblade has top-quality and removable components which makes it easy for one to replace the defective parts and customize the skate depending on the heart contents.

The excellent features of this equipment allow the user to jump, grind and conquer rails effortlessly.

The durable boot promotes longevity, and the double padded tongue with a liner will increase the overall comfort.

The cuff buckle, an angled strap and traditional laces work perfectly to hold the feet in place.

There is a PU foam shock absorber that will shallow the energy whenever you land hard on the surface after jumps.

Both front and back wheels feature a diameter of 60mm and a durometer of 90a.

They combine with an SG7 bearing which maintains the right speed for aggressive skating.

Furthermore, it uses a blank UFS frame and H-block. The groove on the sole plates facilitates efficient grinding.

3. Razors Cult Gold Skate Size

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Razors Cult is a unique aggressive inline skate that uses hard plastic shell using a ratchet buckle closure and traditional laces.

Furthermore, the product has excellent heel support and shock, absorbing abilities to prevent too much stress on foot as you land.

The skate is flexible as it allows you to remove some parts and customize them to your preferences.

The design of the cuff manipulates the buckle strap to remain tucked away.

The product has a frame with a replaceable sole plate plus a backplate to facilitate smooth grinding.

The presence of the anti-rocker set up, and groove guides will enable you to perform various tricks effectively.

The frame will hold the 59mm diameter wheel size.

Moreover, two outer wheels are featuring a 90a durometer and 56mm in diameter.

The high-performance features of this product make it ideal for both experienced and beginners.

4. K2 Skate Front Street

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The designer of this type of aggressive inline skating put in mind the need for intense street skating activities.

Besides, the product has shock absorbing abilities to cushion you from sharp impacts from the ground.

You can, therefore, perform those daring jumps on the street.

This model is suitable for performing aggressive street style and Vert skating.

The model uses both H-blocks and UFS frames.

The stake has a wheel configuration of 58mm in diameter.

Next, the same wheel has a durometer rating of 88a.

The model has frame spacers to allow new configurations.

You can transform from the flat frame, and create an anti-rocker design.

Additionally, the skate has huge grooves for easier locking of grinds.

The versatility of this inline skates will allow the user to perform different types of tricks.

The skate has a gold and a slight black design that enhances the aesthetic aspect as you skate on the street.

5. USD Realm Aggressive Inline Skates

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The product is suitable for the beginners who want to get started in inline skating.

The solid skates will perform well for trick and ramp skating as you perform on the streets or in the parks.

The boot comes from durable and hard plastic with a rugged design.

The design of boots ensures high ankle support to avoid any injury.

It uses a ratchet buckle cuff closure for a custom fit.

Furthermore, it has a removable liner that ensures even padding on your feet which enhances comfort and shock absorption.

It uses a Kicker frame that has a classic UFS setup, partnered with a flat wheel configuration.

The four wheels have a durometer rating of 90a and 57mm in diameter.

The use of ABEC 5 bearings will ensure smooth grinding.

The product comes with a pocket-friendly price tag; hence you will not break the bank.

The advanced riders can still use this skate too.

6. M12 UFS Aggressive Street Italian Inline Skates

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You can apply aggressive inline skates for street and park rollerblading.

The use of high-grade polyurethane shells will withstand hard riding poses.

The shock-absorbing insole will prevent any injuries as you make more moves.

The anatomically padded liner has a low-memory foam that adjusts to the shape of your foot.

The footbed will give you a dependable street skating experience.

The sturdy frame comes from durable materials to withstand any pressure from your skating movements.

The skating gear uses 58mm wheels featuring a durometer of 88a.

They combine with a standard ABEC 5 to encourage a moderate speed.

If you want to make a freestyle design, you can replace the inner wheels with two anti-rockers.

The product is suitable for beginners. It is reliable if you want to advance your skating skills and apply more tricks.

7. Valo V13 Broskow Aggressive Skate 

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It is a unique aggressive skating product that has durable, sturdy and hardshell construction which features a memory buckle and classic laces.

The cuffs will protect your ankles as you ride the skates. It also uses a rugged and durable frame

The back and front wheels have a diameter of 58mm and a durometer of 88a.

The skate has two anti-rocker that comes from PVC materials.

The H-block and a generous soleplate will improve your grinding experience.

The Valo liner has shock-absorbing functions to cushion you from impacts of jumps.

The bearing has a rating of 5, making them suitable for moderate speed.

The exceptional features of this product will give you an excellent skating experience in the parks or the streets.

The lightweight design will contribute to its speed.

The product is suitable for both advanced and beginner riders.


Wrapping Up

Most of the model in this piece are suitable to use at the parks and streets.

Suppose your taste involves various jumps, the right skating device for you should have shock absorbers.

Moreover, it should have excellent padding to increase feet comfort.

If you are beginner, make sure you use harder boots that have right ankle and foot support.

Overall, this guide should assist you in making the right choice.

You can exceed the limits by selecting the right aggressive inline skates.

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